The Simple Formula for Absolute Pitch Development

Discover my proven formula I used to develop perfect pitch, and how you can apply this to your music practice

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  • 1: Perfect pitch development : how and why?
  • 2: How to overcome common roadblocks concerning perfect pitch
  • 3: What is the MAP method ?
  • 4: Your first steps to get started

A real luxury buffet of freedom, an opening into the immensity of music! This training goes far beyond acquisition of a technique, it’s a new perception of yourself. Opening my ears like this, I understand better, I feel better and especially my musical creativity has regained energy. Katja, thank you for your great ears, for your patience and for your astuteness

Mila A. Mila A.
pianist, Paris

Katja Keller

Katja Keller is a Danish musician and music coach.  She is known as one of the most followed music trainers of our time. 

She's famous for creating a unique method of absolute pitch development.  The method is based on two approaches : music and cognitive psychology, which  completely changes the process of musical learning and development. 

She has customers and clients on every continent - amateur and professional musicians, music teachers and artists.